How does this work?

We design your cake from a verbal/written description using inspiration from your invitation, dress, photograph, sketches, or Pinterest pins. For more inspiration please see our gallery, as it is a fair representation of our style. We are a custom wedding cake company, we strongly encourage clients to get creative in creating a wedding cake that represents you as a couple and/or matches the overall theme of the wedding. However, like all artists we have a very specific style, we strongly encourage you to look at our gallery to make sure our style matches yours.

How do I schedule a consultation?

To schedule a consultation and cake tasting, please fill out the Contact form. Consultations are $20. 

How soon should I place my order?

Dream Cakes is solely-owned & operated; we are not a factory production bakery. A lot of our time, love, & care go into making every individual wedding cake. We recommend securing your date as soon as possible as we are limited to the number of wedding cakes we can make a weekend. 

Do you schedule a wedding consultation? 

Consultation/tastings are $20 & by appointment only, we send you home with three of our most popular cake samples, tasting fee will be applied towards the remaining balance of your cake. To schedule a consultation/tasting please fill out the Contact form. 

Do I have to pay for my order in advance?

A $100 deposit is required to secure your date. It is non-refundable & goes towards the final cost of the cake. The prices quoted are firm.

Final payment, cake design, guest count, & flavors are not due until two weeks* prior to the wedding. *Gum paste designs need to be ordered one month ahead. We recommend deciding what you can (i.e; design & flavor combos) as early as possible, this yields better end results & is less stressful for you in the long run. 

What form of payment do you accept? 

We accept cash, check or card.  

Do you deliver?

Delivery is free within a 15 minute radius from the bakery. Delivery fee outside of this radius strictly depends on travel time and gas prices.

Pick ups are welcome (at your own risk), we will have everything assembled & show you how to carry & load properly.

Can you tell me more about your cakes-- including pricing?
  • Prices start at $5.00/slice with a 100 person minimum (this is a three tier cake), cost can vary depending on final design.

  • Fondant details, colored buttercream, gum paste work, & any other elaborate detailing are additional costs.

  • Supplemental sheet cakes are only offered for guest counts of 250+ for $250.00 & feeds 100.

  • For more info, please visit the Pricing page of our website.

  • Each tier may be a different flavor combo, however we strongly encourage you to pick two flavor combinations (i.e. dark chocolate cake with salted caramel filling & white butter cake with lemon curd & fresh berry filling) for a 50/50 divide of flavors. This makes things easier for you & your guests to choose & makes your caterers very happy.

  • We bake your cake one day before the event & use as many local ingredients as possible, we strive to destroy the stigma that wedding cake is bad. We want you & your guest to have to best wedding cake ever!

What if I want fresh flowers or ribbon on my wedding cake?

Fresh flowers are to be supplied by the florist & either the florist or Dream Cakes will place them on the cake at the venue. Please be sure to communicate with both the florist & us about floral placement. 

We ask that you provide the ribbon so you can choose the exact color preference, we'll need approx 5-8 yards depending on the size of the cake.

Do you provide toppers and/or cake stands?

Toppers: Please check out The Mill site for an exquisite custom cake topper, choose free delivery to Dream Cakes when checking out. 

Cake stands: We do have some available for a $50 rental fee, $20 is refundable if returned within four days after the event & in good condition.

  • If using your own cake stand and/or topper, please ask for the dimensions of the cake to ensure that both will fit. 
  • Please have cake stand and/or topper on cake table at the venue ready for me prior to delivery, unless you're renting one from me or purchased one from The Mill, we will bring it upon delivery. 
  • All wedding cakes come on a $25 clear plexi-glass-- which we need to get back after the wedding, as these are very expensive & reusable. The $25 will be refunded once returned. 
What are your cake sizes?

Serving sizes work in increments of 25.

Diameters get bigger or smaller depending on your final guest count or however much cake you'd like to order:

  • 75 person serving=11"8"5"
  • 100-125 person serving=12"9"6"
  • 150 person serving=13"10"7" or 11"9"7"5"
  • 175 person serving=14"10"6" or 12"10"8"6"
  • 200 person serving=15"11"7" 
  • 225 person serving=14"11"8"5" or 13"11"9"7"5"
  • 250 person serving=15"12"9"6" 
  • 275 person serving=16"13"10"7" or 14"12"10"8"6"
  • 300 person serving=18"15"12"9"6" or 16"14"12"10"8"6"

Each tier is approx. 5"-5 1/2" tall.

If using a cake stand, the diameter will need to be at least 3"-4" bigger than the bottom tier of your cake.


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